Cap Spin engine

Cap Spin engine


What is Cap spin engine ?

Nepes LED has released cap spin engine applying POWER LED light source and Cap technology for the high CRI value, meaning it is close to the natural light. It is for the replacement of halogen lamp. It is available to apply in various fixtures upon your usage.

  • LED 6W [ replacement for halogen lamp 50W]
  • LED 9W [ replacement for incandescent bulb 60W]
  • Adjustable to desired angle.
  • Various color temperatures.
  • Reliable quality and easy maintenance.
  • High quality lighting with CRI of 80 and higher.
  • Simple replacement
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  • Frequency Range : 50/60Hz
  • Voltage : 100~240V
  • Power Factor : >97%
  • Color Rendering : Ra>80
  • life Time : 25,000hr
  • Ra : Over 90 is available up on Customers' request
Wattage 6W 9W 12W
Voltage AC 110~240V AC 110~240V AC 110~240V
Color temperature 3000K   4000K   6500K 3000K   4000K   6500K 3000K   4000K   6500K
Energy efficiency 366lm   380m   400lm 549lm   570lm   600lm 732lm   760lm   800lm
CRI (Ra) ≥80 ≥80 ≥80

*Ra : Over 90 is available up on Customers'request

Cap Spin Engine Model No.

Spin - 06P 11R 65 M - D
Spin - 06P 11R 65 M - D
CAP Spin Engine Watt Optics CCT CRI DC/DC driver
06P-06W 11R-110 deg ref 30K - 3000K M(80Ra) D(유)
09P-09W 15R-150 deg ref 40K - 4000K H(90Ra) N(무)
12P-12W 5R-50 deg ref 50K - 5000K
12P-12W 10B-100 deg Glass 65K - 6500K
12P-12W 10B-150 deg Glass






  • GlassA
    Glass C
  • GlassB
    Glass A
  • GlassC
    Glass B
  • Power supply unit 6w,9w,12w
    Power supply unit 6w,9w,12w


  • Installation
    Glass C


  • Ceiling
    Glass C


  • Pendant
    Glass C