"Advancing the science and technology community for the future"


To be a world class LED lighting provider through innovative technologies and competitive prices for customers 100% satisfaction


Quality Policy : "Zero Defects"

To deliver quality products on time to our customers

Quality Policy. Zero Defects

T-Management is the continuous practice and emphasis of the business philosophy of the Company and to improve its value

The business philosophy of Nepes is "Service-driven life, Constantly challenge ourselves, and Thankful mind". This is the core value on which Nepes could achieve remarkable growth within a short time in one of the most competitive industries. Through this philosophy, Nepes developed into an internationally successful company. It is the basic principle that all executives and employees of Nepes share and practice in their daily lives.


Value, Cherish and Do the right thing!

The purpose of transparent management is to build trustful relationships with organizational members and stakeholders. It is to extend our duties to include CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility). In addition, Nepes strictly follows the laws, regulations and social norms. With profits obtained in a fair and transparent manner, NEPES conducts social work not only through contributions and donations but also through active community service.


Value, Cherish and Do the right thing!
Nepes practices Ethical Management which is based on three core values and then, builds the competitiveness

T-management경영이념:환경친화적 경영, 투명경영, 나눔경영